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Major projects

The rebuilding of Berri-UQAM station has begun with the Yellow line tracks. The platforms, walls, corridors and stairs leading to the Yellow line will be fully refurbished in 2014.

We are currently working hard on repairing the walkway above the Yellow line tracks! If you recently transited  through these corridors, you most certainly noticed:

  • A temporary, two-step removable walkway in the corridor leading to the platform level
  • An overhead structure supported by columns on the platforms and between the Yellow line tracks

The temporary walkway allows the contractor to move forward with work in the corridor at night and on weekends, without disrupting the movement of transit users during the day. The structure installed on the train platforms provides all the needed support for this type of work.

Refurbishing the corridor while keeping it open and minimizing the impact on transit users has meant non-stop work for STM crews. Work is progressing well and the contractor is preparing to pour the new concrete. Imagine having to extend a concrete pouring boom from street level down to the level of the corridor!

More updates will follow!

Major projects

It’s fully electric and it’s rolling along the streets of Montréal. Perhaps you’ll be among the lucky ones who will get aboard! It will travel routes primarily in the boroughs of Villeray – Saint-Michel – Parc-Extension and Ahuntsic – Cartierville.

This standard fully electric bus built by the Chinese firm BYD will be tested by the STM until the end of April. This test, carried out in collaboration with the Société de transport de l’Outaouais and the Société de gestion et d’acquisition de véhicules de transport (AVT), is designed to evaluate the overall performance of this bus under varying weather conditions and resulting road conditions. The project will also help to determine the autonomy level of the batteries, especially at low temperatures, as well as the comfort level for passengers.

For further informations

Moving toward electrification! The STM is starting its tests on the fully electric BYD bus from china with passengers aboard

Major projects

Do you know it? Bus preferential measures (BPM) consist of installations on the road system that ensure priority is given to public transit, thereby improving the reliability and on-time delivery of service, and increasing public transportation’s attractiveness and modal share.

BPMs include:

1/ Reserved lanes

at December 31, 2013, there were 27 reserved lanes exclusively for buses and taxis. They feature ground markings, separate signage (either lane-side or overhead) and are operational during rush hour, off-peak periods or 24 hours a day

2/ Queue bypass lanes

With road markings and special signage, queue bypass lanes enable buses to avoid traffic as they approach certain intersections.

3/ « Candlestick » priority traffic signals

When the vertical white light appears on traffic signals, buses are given priority and a head start over motorists.

4/ Active priority traffic lights

Buses request priority from traffic signals as they approach an intersection. Either the green light or white priority signal is extended, allowing the bus to drive through and avoid stopping for a red light.

Major projects

The consortium composed of Bombardier Transportation and Alstom Transport, together with the STM, is completing trials on the prototype train at the La Pocatière plant. In early 2014, the train will undergo further qualification testing in Montréal métro tunnels. These tests will take place over a period of about eight months.

For a preview of AZUR, have a look at the nine-car train running on its test track….

For more information:

Bombardier, Alstom and STM unveil Montreal’s AZUR metro cars