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Major projects

During the heat wave of July 1 – 2, while thousands of Montrealers were either moving or settling into their new home, the STM and its partners were conducting tests on the new train washing system with the AZUR prototype. The train moved through a soap cycle, similar to a car wash, where it got washed, scrubbed, rinsed and dried from top to bottom. The entire operation took about nine minutes, and when AZUR came out, it was all shiny and clean!

How does it work?

The washing system features markers at the portal entrance that detect whether the arriving train is an MR-73 or the new AZUR. As the train moves forward through the washing station, sensors send out signals to activate pumps and scrubbing brushes. In case you’re wondering, the older MR-63 trains are washed elsewhere, at the Beaugrand minor repairs shop.

AZUR has travelled on all lines

Tests carried out to validate track clearance are completed. They consisted of running the AZUR prototype throughout the entire network, including way stations and tail tracks, and no major issues were reported. AZUR passed with flying colours!

Major projects

No, there’s no mistake, you read it right, it says a lifting track. In preparation for the arrival of AZUR métro cars, we completely refurbished our maintenance shops and, in doing so, made a number of modifications. Among them is the installation of a lifting track designed primarily to enable maintenance staff to replace the train’s bogies.
A 150-metre long train lifted at once on a single track!
The lifting track can lift an entire 150-metre long train high enough for bogies to be removed. The train itself weighs in at 240 metric tons, which is like lifting 40 adult elephants. This makes it possible to remove and install bogies without having to unlink the nine cars that make up the AZUR train. This new approach will reduce maintenance time, which will mean more trains available for passenger service.

Major projects

Operators have a rendezvous with technology!

This driving simulator enables the operators to quickly put their knowledge into practice. The system reproduces all aspects of the environment and driving conditions in the métro network.

Just like airline pilots, operators build up driving hours in a stimulating and realistic environment. It’s a first at the STM.

AZUR: one car per day June 12, 2014 

Major projects

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An Azur prototype train assembled!